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"Good morning 🌞 Dr. Jupiter-Ajah, I think this is gonna be a miracle therapy. Last night my brain/ body was craving the feeling it had during the sessions. Like it was a comforting soothing experience, a feel good experience. This morning, some doomsday thoughts popped up as usual but… the brain switched consciously to better feeling thoughts! It was not an on going struggle as it has been!! Am stoked!"
"Dr. Jupiter! You are a miracle worker! I cannot believe that after months of restless nights and hot flashes, I was able to sleep last night so soundly and completely at peace. Your marma treatment soothed my body and soul in so many ways. I cannot thank you enough. I adore you!"
“Dr. Jupiter is wise with knowledge in so many subjects that allowed her to care for my needs from many angles. I thought I was getting only care for my physical health, but she ended up coaching me in addition, in ways that made me feel so secure, safe, grounded and understood. her nurturing nature and Ayurvedic knowledge helped calmed down my anxiety, improved my health issues and I gained a new empowering outlook on life. "
J. D.
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