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“Samkhya Fertility, Ayurveda & Integrative Medicine”

is led by Ayurvedic Doctor Jupiter-Ajah Fambo, A.A.P., M.S., specializing in fertility, health, and relationship wellness. This holistic practice offers personalized care that supports patients in achieving optimal well-being and nurturing sacred connections, guiding them on their journey to fertility and overall health.



Emotional Health 

Gut Health / RNA Analysis

Neurofeedback / Mental Health



Ayurveda, the science of life, ancient Indian system of medicine, offers a rich repository of knowledge on how to nourish and prepare the body for conception. Ayurvedic medicine optimizes natural conception and overall well-being. It identifies individual imbalances and tailors treatments to restore equilibrium, particularly in the reproductive system. By nurturing the whole person, Ayurveda creates an optimal environment for natural conception and sustains overall well-being.


Neurofeedback - Emotional Health

We integrate BrainPaint Neurofeedback into our holistic practice, offering a noninvasive method to enhance mental and emotional well-being. This approach aligns with holistic treatments that foster balance and optimal mental health .


Microbiome-RNA Analysis - Gut Health

Our expertise in Ayurveda, combined with Viome's precision nutrition, empowers our patients to achieve optimal digestive health through a tailored, holistic regimen that honors the body's natural wisdom and capacity for healing.


Sacred Relationship

Our holistic health practice goes beyond traditional fertility treatments by recognizing the profound impact of relationship health on a couple's journey to parenthood. By integrating principles of Ayurveda and holistic wellness, the practice offers guidance and support aimed at strengthening the emotional and spiritual connection between partners. Through tailored counseling, stress-reduction techniques, and tantric practices, couples are encouraged to deepen their understanding and empathy for each other, fostering a nurturing environment that not only enhances fertility but also enriches their bond. We believe that a harmonious relationship forms the foundation of a healthy, supportive environment for conceiving and welcoming new life.

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  • Struggling With Infertility?
  • Experiencing Relationship Strains?
  • Dealing With Gut Health Problems?
  • Seeking Total Well-being for Body, Mind and Spirit?  

Comprehensive Wellness Solutions


At Samkhya Fertility™, we offer a comprehensive range of services that blend ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern integrative medicine techniques. Our personalized approach focuses on optimizing reproductive health, enhancing relationships, and promoting overall well-being.

Why Work With Us ?

Personalized Care:

As an experienced Ayurvedic Doctor, Jupiter-Ajah-Christine Fambo offers care that is deeply personalized, taking into account each patient's unique physical, emotional, and spiritual constitution to craft individualized treatment plans.

Comprehensive Wellness Programs:

Patients benefit from Dr. Fambo's comprehensive wellness programs, which include nutritional coaching, stress management, and detoxification, offering a full spectrum of services to promote optimal health and vitality.

Emphasis On Prevention:​

Beyond addressing existing health concerns, Dr. Fambo focuses on preventive care, guiding patients in lifestyle and dietary choices that foster long-term health and prevent future ailments, ensuring a proactive approach to wellness.

Global Accessibility: ​

With options for both in-person consultations in Malibu and virtual appointments, Dr. Fambo makes her expert care accessible to patients worldwide, breaking down geographical barriers to quality Ayurvedic and integrative medicine.

Why Choose Us ?

Seamless Care

For individuals seeking holistic support on their journey towards conception, "Samkhya Fertility, Ayurveda, and Integrative Medicine" offer a unique and comprehensive approach. Our practice specializes in optimizing both physical and emotional health to enhance fertility and overall well-being. By integrating Ayurvedic medicine, precision nutrition, neurofeedback, and sacred relationship modalities, we provide personalized care tailored to your needs. Our holistic approach addresses not only the body but also the mind and spirit, fostering a balanced state conducive to natural conception. Through our expertise in Ayurveda and integrative medicine, we aim to strengthen your body's innate ability to conceive while nurturing your emotional and mental health. Additionally, our focus on sacred relationships ensures that you receive the support and connection vital to this journey. Choose Samkhya Fertility, Ayurveda, and Integrative Medicine for comprehensive care that empowers you to achieve optimal health in body, mind, and spirit, ultimately leading to the conception of your dream baby naturally.

Client Testimonials

"Dr. Jupiter is wise with knowledge in so many subjects that allowed her to care for my needs from many angles. I thought I was getting only care for my physical health, but she ended up coaching me in addition, in ways that made me feel so secure, safe, grounded and understood. her nurturing nature and Ayurvedic knowledge helped calmed down my anxiety, improved my health issues and I gained a new empowering outlook on life. "
J. D.
"Dr. Jupiter! You are a miracle worker! I cannot believe that after months of restless nights and hot flashes, I was able to sleep last night so soundly and completely at peace. Your marma treatment soothed my body and soul in so many ways. I cannot thank you enough. I adore you!"
S. C.
"Jupiter-Ajah-Christine dear, not enough words here on 🌎 to express my eternal gratefulness gratitude for the deep powerful transformative intense meeting with you today. I’m so grateful for Universe showing me and connecting me with someone as beautiful and pure as you are. I’m so forever and ever eternally grateful. Thank you for showing me how wonderful and beautiful powerful at the same time humanity can be like you Christine!! Much love and hugs hugs 🤗 🫶 "
Milena W.

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Our blog aims to empower patients / clients with insights into Ayurveda and integrative medicine, focusing on fertility and overall well-being. It’s designed to guide and support your journey to health and natural conception, if that is your goal, or simply maintain emotional and general health, offering expert advice and practical tips for a balanced lifestyle.


Find answers to common questions about tantric and mindful practices in relationships.

What is tantric relationship therapy and how can it benefit us?

Tantric relationship therapy focuses on deepening intimacy and strengthening the emotional and spiritual bonds between partners. It involves techniques that enhance communication and connection, which can be particularly beneficial for couples facing emotional disconnect or intimacy issues.

Can Neurofeedback therapy help with depression, anxiety, & stress ?

Yes, Neurofeedback therapy is an effective tool for managing anxiety and stress. It works by training the brain to regulate its response to stressors better, which can positively impact overall well-being, relationship health, and fertility.

How does mindfulness contribute to fertility and relationship health?

Mindfulness helps reduce stress, which is known to affect both fertility and relationship dynamics. Regular mindfulness practice can improve emotional regulation, enhance connection with one’s partner, and support overall reproductive health.

How does analyzing the microbiome RNA contribute to overall health?

Analyzing the microbiome RNA helps identify imbalances in gut bacteria that can influence various health aspects, including digestion, immune function, and hormonal balance. Addressing these imbalances through targeted dietary and lifestyle changes can improve overall health and potentially fertility.

What holistic fertility solutions does Dr. Fambo offer?

Ayurvedic Dr. Jupiter-Ajah Fambo provides a range of holistic fertility solutions that include Ayurvedic therapies, dietary and lifestyle adjustments, and personalized herbal treatments. These solutions are designed to enhance fertility by balancing body, mind, and spirit.

What is involved in sacred relationship therapy with Dr. Fambo?

Expect a blend of traditional counseling, spiritual practices, and Ayurvedic methods focusing on communication, conflict resolution, and deeper connection.

How is confidentiality maintained in therapy?

We adhere to strict ethical standards, ensuring all personal discussions and information are kept confidential in a secure environment.

What should I expect during my first consultation with Dr. Fambo?

During your first consultation, Ayurvedic Dr. Jupiter-Ajah Fambo will assess your health history, lifestyle, and specific needs. This session is designed to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your holistic health, including physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

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